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We need Help

We need a new member for our collab. If you are interested, join the Discord!

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Mega-Collab / Collab?

make a megacollab / collab or not
  • Make a collab
  • No don't make a collab
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why does nock em have a key needed to get the 2nd coin but theres no image?

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Game doesn't update and can't cloudsave data.

As it says. I got a new PC to play, and I wanted to put the data from the old laptop to the new. But I can't backup my data, and my game is stuck in 2.0

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I'm the level judge. Talk to me if you want me to rate stars your level
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Possible Collab?

If anyone wants to join, message me on GD(username is IzShaymin). The level's theme is ToE2-like, but should stay at a Harder difficulty. You must be not good or bad at building(mediocre decor skills). If you need more details, message me in-game.
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New Collab/Megacollab

Who here wants to join? If so, msg me on Geometry Dash (my username is MilkyWay90), and reply to this. Right now no info is available, I will make polls to decide what we should do.
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You guys should see this...
Join us in protecting the freedom of user-generated content
Join us in protecting the freedom of user-generated content Community Central
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I might start playing geometry dash

I always rage at it but I am gonna try to stop raging so I can play while having fun :)
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3 spots left currently, message me in GD for a spot, my in game name is athairen, I just started decorating my part.
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Went through Filza again...

Went through Filza’s app containers again and found the in-game promos for each game! Will upload them soon.

10 minutes later: OK done. The one for Lite is rarely seen nowadays but still in the files.
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Collab Help Needed

The person who is doing our fourth part hasn't responded in a long time, so we need a new person for the fourth part. If you want to join, our discord is:
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Can anyone guess the 4 songs in Finnsfolks' latest mashup preview?
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon... YouTube
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All SubZero and Meltdown music extracted from files and uploaded.

So I’ve jailbroken my iPad a while ago and installed Filza from the BigBoss repo on Cydia. When I looked through the files of the Geometry Dash games yesterday, something caught my eye. That was all the songs from Meltdown and SubZero and they weren’t impossible to extract at all! So I coverted them to .ogg and decided to upload them. You will see them soon if you do. Bye.

4 minutes after posting this, I’ve finished uploading the files. Plus fun fact, The Seven Seas is called “The7Seas” in the files and Nock Em is “knockemout”.
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Shutting Down / Adopting a wiki


The German version is discontinued due to inactivity. If someone who is German may be interested in adopting this wiki, please contact me here:

Thank you for your attention
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My collab

Does anyone want to join it? Just reply cheese. Lightspeed by Naterhater11.
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Collaboration Help

I have a level that has great potential, but I need your help guys! Reply to this discussion for more information!
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Suggestions or Ideas for GD

Hey, guys! It's amazing to see that the Wiki is still going after all this time. Since this Wiki was sort of my entrance into this community, and since it's clearly still standing, I wanted to stop by and do something, and this seems like the best thing to do. I didn't feel like it would be appropriate to make a post on the Wiki itself for this, but nevertheless I'll be checking here every now and then.
I want to ask if any of you have suggestions or ideas (like, legitimate and useful ones) for things that could be added into the game in future updates (most likely 2.3, since 2.2 is already a lot). As a moderator, I can offer the good suggestions or ideas to RobTop (although he still may ignore or reject them). So, what would you guys think would be really helpful to GD's distant future?
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Dear Robtop

Dear Robtop,
If you ever are to read this, let’s do some geometry. Say you have a right-angle triangle, the height of the triangle is 1 unit, and the width is 2 units. Now find the hypotenuse of this triangle rounded down to the nearest tenth...
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