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My Short Theory on the Death of Elissa Lam

Elissa is lady who died, the authorities found her body, naked in the water tank of the hotel where Elissa had been living. There was only one CCTV footage that caught her before she died.. in the footage, Elissa seemed to be hallucinating, at first she opened the elevator door, and the door never closed like it was supposed to do. Elissa started doing unusual gestures, the footage had been more unsettling than befor. After that, Elissa appeared to be talking to someone, as if there was no one there. Lastly, Elissa had wondered off and the footage ended.

After getting information about the hotel, it was said that there were many people that died there before. This is where my part starts, I blame the employees. See, be fore you get to the water tank, there some kind of alarm that will ring if you pass the certain area, who can disable the alarms? EMPLOYEES. If you somehow pass it, the lid of the water tank is very heavy, so that means you need some kind of machine or something else to open it, who has acess to that? EMPLOYEES. But why was there not enough footage? Simple question, IT WAS DISABLED, who can disable it?! EMPLOYEES! If Elissa did somehow pass all of that, it's still confirmed as not suicide no matter how depressed she was with her mental illnes. But how? When Elissa's body was found, the water tank was closed, it's impossible to get inside the tank and closing the lid by yourself, the lid is heavy though. and she was just hallucinating in the footage, I don't know how, maybe from her depression, her illness, I still don't know.

And I also don't which employee/s was responsible of such crime. I doubt that is was a possesion or something, but I don't belive in demon-crap. Post your theory/ies and opinions about my theory below, let me know if I missed something But hey, that's just a theory, A CRIME THEORY, thank you for your time
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