The Basement is a feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. Introduced in Update 2.1, it is located inside the Vault of Secrets from a door in the lower-right corner.

To gain access to The Basement, the player must have unlocked the Vault of Secrets and complete The Challenge. Upon beating the level, the Keymaster will claim he has an award for the player and prompts them to access The Basement.


The basement has a dark purple background with a locked cage, an animated torch on the left, and a chest at the bottom-right corner. Once the player goes in the basement after a few seconds

a pair of green glowing eyes appears inside the locked cage, revealing a monster that was locked inside the cage by RobTop; the creature requests that the player frees them in exchange for a reward. Once the player has spoken to the creature, he will show you the three locks which are blue, green and orange. Selecting a lock will make the creature give a hint on how to get the key.

  • The green key is part of a reward of the first golden chest inside the Treasure Room, which is unlocked once 50 Chests are opened.
  • The orange key is gained once the player opens the chest inside the Chamber of Time.
  • The blue key is received as a reward once the player beats the "Chaos Gauntlet" inside the Gauntlets.

Releasing the Creature

After the creature has been released, The Creature will say:
  • I... I am free...
    • So many years lost. Locked away in that filthy cage...
    • Now that I have my freedom, I must continue where I left off.

[The Mouth and body of the Creature appears]

  • RubRub told me he was cooking some chicken. Then he locked me in.
    • Now that you have freed me, I can continue my master plan.
    • DESTROY the world of Geometry Dash! And I couldn't have done it without you [username].
    • But I almost forgot, I left you a small gift. As a token of my appreciation.
    • You should prepare yourself for when I return.
    • You will need it...

[The screen flashes, and the Creature is replaced with a chest. The Keymaster then says:]

  • Hey I heard some noi...
    • Wait... Is the gate...
    • ... You opened the gate...

...along with his face becoming more and more freaked out and exaggerated as he speaks.

After, there is a chest after you unlock all 3 keys, which includes a new icon, a new death effect, and a purple key. The Purple Key is used to Unlock the Demon Gauntlet, a set of 5 Demon Difficulty Levels. If you beat these demons, you will get a new spider that resembles a skull.

Locked Vault Of Secrets Quotes

Before the Vault Of Secrets is unlocked, the padlock will be gray. Selecting it will return a notification from The Keymaster.
  • I guess you don't like rules...
  • RubRub told me not to let anyone in.
  • This is not the door you are looking for.
  • I don't understand why you keep clicking...
  • Trust me, you don't want to come in here.
  • You are not ready...
  • I can't let you in.
  • Player used knock. It's not very effective.
  • Don't you have something better to do?
  • That is a bad idea...
  • ...

Locked Basement Quotes

Tapping on the basement, the Keymaster will speak to the player if they have not beaten "The Challenge".
  • I keep that door locked. RubRub's orders.
  • I've only been down there once, its pretty creepy.
  • Just forget about it.
  • Some things are best left alone
  • Even I don't want to go down there
  • Off. Limits.
  • Does the word locked mean nothing to you?
  • Sorry, I can't let you in.
  • Its to dangerous, just stay here.
  • Leave that alone...
  • That area is off limits.


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