Blast Processing is the seventeenth level of Geometry Dash and the fourth level with a Harder difficulty.


Blast Processing introduces the wave form. 3D decorations which make blocks look as if they were 3D, but do not affect where the player may land on the 3D blocks along with other decorations.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 52% and collected as the dual wave. Enter the fake spike-decorated diamond to collect it.
  • The second secret coin is located at 69% and collected as the UFO. Drop down at the second "robot" and tap three times to slide into the third robot's "mouth" which contains fake spikes and a coin at the end.
  • The third secret coin is located at 86% and collected as the ship. More obstacles appear in the form of cubes with an icicle-shaped spike at their bottoms, but the third one of these obstacles have fake spikes instead. Stay quite close to the ground, and then slide under the obstacle to get the coin.


Geometry Dash - Blast Processing01:46

Geometry Dash - Blast Processing


  • Blast Processing includes fake slopes as part of collecting a secret coin, although it is not formally introduced until Theory of Everything 2.
  • Blast Processing is not named after its Newgrounds song, as it is titled "-BlastProcess-" On Newgrounds.
  • Blast Processing uses 11552 objects in its layout, as revealed by the 2.0 editor preview. This makes it the only level to have its object count officially disclosed.
  • Blast Processing takes 1 minute and 42 seconds to complete, making it the longest official level and requires a minimum of 66 jumps, the lowest of any official level.
  • On YouTube, the full song is still titled "Blast Processing" despite it being called -BlastProcess- on Newgrounds.
  • It is also titled "Blast Processing" on the music-playing application Spotify.
  • The song is a tribute to SEGA, as Waterflame grew up as a SEGA fanboy, the song also used quotes from a SEGA commercial, but this was changed after the song was removed from Newgrounds due to copyright, however, the original version can still be viewed on YouTube.
  • This might be the reason for the name change in Newgrounds, as Blast Processing is a quote from the SEGA commercial.
  • Blast Processing is the only level not to feature any size and speed portals after they were released.


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