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Daily Content are features in the games, Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. They consist of daily rewards, daily levels and daily quests. More info can be found below.


The daily rewards are chests that give numerous currencies in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. This feature can be accessed by clicking the button on the main menu that depicts a chest and reads "Daily". The two adjacent chests both have intervals of 4 and 24 hours whereby one must wait to open them. Unlocking these may grant the player Mana Orbs, Diamonds, Keymaster keys, or Shards of Power, all of which can be found here . Opening the brown chest will tend to give the player 50-200 Mana Orbs and a few Diamonds; seldom does one obtain a Keymaster key or more than one shard of power. Opening the gold chest will tend to give the player a rather large amount of Mana Orbs (such as 200, 300, 400 and occasionally 500); it will also give a considerably larger quantity of Diamonds. The daily chest will also give Shards of Power or a Keymaster Key; these can be gained from the daily chest considerably more often than the smaller chest.


The daily levels are user-created levels that the player may complete and earn a varying amount of Diamonds depending on the level difficulty. Upon completion, the player will gain a certain amount of Diamonds as a bonus as well as the Diamonds gained from simply completing the level. Upon collecting the bonus Diamonds, the blue box containing the level will disappear, and a different level will appear in the box the next day; unless 24 hours has passed since the user level was loaded, in which case another daily level will appear. The player can only have two daily levels in their list. Daily Levels can be accessed by going to the Create menu and clicking a button on the right labeled as "Daily", which has a crown depicted on the button. The full list of daily levels can be found here.


Daily Quests are ways to earn different quantities of Diamonds by completing tasks. They can be accessed by going to the Create menu and clicking a button depicting a scroll, which will be labeled "Quests".

The quests are loaded every 6 hours and they can be completed by collecting certain amounts of Stars, User Coins, and Mana Orbs. Each quest will award a different amount of Diamonds depending on how hard the quest is to complete.

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