Electrodynamix is the fifteenth level of Geometry Dash and the 5th level with an Insane difficulty.


Electrodynamix introduces the fast and very fast speed portals. It also introduces coloured blocks and custom colour mechanics, as well as many decorations.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 37% and collected as the UFO. The player must jump into a small space between two sawblades to collect the coin.
  • The second secret coin is located at 57% and collected as the cube. If the player manages to miss one of the yellow rings, they will fall through the fake blocks. After collecting the coin, the player should be careful as there is no jump pad, and they have to jump to the pillar to continue on the normal route. The player should have slight timing in order to not crash into the block over them.
  • The third secret coin is located at 85% and collected as the cube. The player should avoid the blue gravity ring to fall on some platforms. Then they must jump across to get to the blue gravity pad to collect the coin and get back on the normal route.


Geometry Dash - Electrodynamix01:27

Geometry Dash - Electrodynamix


  • Electrodynamix does not use the normal speed or slow speed portals, although they were added to the level editor in update 1.7. Instead, they were officially used in Hexagon Force.
  • Electrodynamix has a very short 2x ship before the 3x portal
  • Electrodynamix is the only official level where it is possible to crash at 0% and 99%.
    • Due to this, before Update 1.9, it was the only official level that could satisfy the 'So Close' achievement, which required for the player to crash at 99%. This has been nerfed in Update 1.9, so that the player could crash at 95% or above rather than at 99% in order to earn the achievement, making it more possible.
  • Electrodynamix is the first official in the game level to use a completely new (circle) background and ground, compared to the old square background/ground used in the previous 14 levels.
  • Electrodynamix is the only level to end in the triple speed.
  • Electrodynamix takes 1 minute and 23 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 81 jumps.
    • This also makes it the shortest official level.


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