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Enter the chat.

The Geometry Dash Wiki live chat room is where registered users can communicate with each other in real time to discuss wiki-related matters or to engage in general conversation.

Chat policy

Drawing from the site policy, a user who demonstrates unacceptable conduct may be forced from the chat by moderators or administrators in response to their behaviour. Although staff will do their best to address any issues while they are present on the chat, others are encouraged to report any incidents that may have been neglected.

Unacceptable conduct

The following actions are liable to result in being kicked; severe or continuous cases may result in a temporary ban:

  • Transmitting by means of posting or linking to inappropriate material, such that is offensive, discriminatory, graphic, pornographic or illegal.
  • Transmitting by means of posting or linking to unrelated, redundant, nonsensical or visually obstructive content. Simply, spamming.
  • Persistently promoting sites, services, products, individuals, groups or behaviour of which is not connected with the wiki's subject or is objectionable.
  • Displaying antisocial behaviour towards other users in the form of abuse, harassment, threats, manipulation, gossiping or subtle degradation, on or off-site where recognised.
  • Deliberately disobeying or constantly disregarding staff instructions.

Prohibited account usage

Using the chat while utilising an account(s) for the following will result in being blocked:

  • Sockpuppetry: using an alternate account to give the impression that it is operated by a completely separate user.
  • Impersonation: using the name of other users or distinguishable real life people, groups or organisations.
  • Personal information handling: including possession and distribution, therefore compromising users' privacy.

Chat features

  • Chat by typing in the text field and pressing the Enter key to send a message.
  • The names of those present in the chat can be automatically generated while typing a message by typing the first characters of a name and pressing the Tab key.
  • To format your text, refer to the examples given in the following section. This works using ChatTags in place of Wikitext and HTML.
  • Use the /me command to send a subtle message that begins with your name.
  • Use the /announce command to send a prioritised message (staff only).
  • Use the Emoticons button to select from the range of emoticons as shown in the following section.
  • Use the AFK button to mark yourself as away, or the Clear button to clear the chat window for yourself.
  • You can be notified with a sound when others type specific words or phrases by including them in the Ping Phrases section on the header.
  • The right column shows a list of present members. Select their names to access links to their message walls and contributions, or to send private messages which can be accessed from under the list. Staff have extended access to kick and ban functions. Click the arrow at the top of the list to collapse or expand it.

Text formatting

Formatting Syntax
Bold [b]Bold[/b]
Italic [i]Italic[/i]
Underline [u]Underline[/u]
Strikethrough [s]Strikethrough[/s]
Superscript [sup]Superscript[/sup]
Subscript [sub]Subscript[/sub]
Big [big]Big[/big]
Small [small]Small[/small]
Monospace font [code]Monospace font[/code]
Specified font [font="fontname"]Specified font[/font]
Colour [c="colourvalue"]Colour[/c]
Highlight colour [bg="colourvalue"]Highlight colour[/bg]


Icon Input
Emoticon_laughing.png ;D
Easy :D
Emoticon_content.png ;]
Emoticon_blush.png :]
Emoticon_wink.png ;)
Normal :)
Emoticon_unamused.png :|
Emoticon_indifferent.png ;|
Hard :/
Emoticon_hmm.png ;/
Emoticon_frustrated.png >:/
Emoticon_sad.png :(
Emoticon_crying.png ;(
Harder >:(
Insane :O
Demon >:O
Auto :X
Unrated :_
Emoticon_confused.png :S
Emoticon_silly.png :P
Emoticon_argh.png ./
Emoticon_cool.png 8)
Emoticon_peace.png [peace]
Emoticon_pirate.png [pirate]
Emoticon_ninja.png [ninja]
Emoticon_batman.png [batman]
Emoticon_heart.png <3
Emoticon_stop.png [stop]
Emoticon-Sun.gif [sun]
Emoticon_moon.png [moon]
Emoticon_heidy.gif [squirrel]
Emoticon-walrus.png [walrus]
Emoticon_cookie.png [cookie]
Emoticon_Hammer.png [hammer]
Wave_emoticon2.gif o/
Emoticon_BA.png [ba]
Emoticon_yes.png [yes]
Emoticon_no.png [no]
Emoticon_fingers_crossed.png [maybe]
Tick [tick]
HTick [htick]
Cross [cross]
Geometry Dash
Icon Input
Icon.ico [icon]
GeometryDash [geometrydash]
GeometryDashMeltdown [meltdown]
Star [star]
SecretCoin [secretcoin]
UserCoinVerified [usercoinV]
UserCoinUnverified [usercoinU]
UserCoinBlue [usercoinB]
Key [key]
RegularBlock01 [block]
RegularSpike01 [spike]
RegularSawblade01 [sawblade]
Monster01 [monster]
GravityPortalA [gravityA]
GravityPortalB [gravityB]
MirrorPortalA [mirrorA]
MirrorPortalB [mirrorB]
SizePortalA [sizeA]
SizePortalB [sizeB]
SpeedPortalN [speedN]
SpeedPortalF [speedF]
SpeedPortalVF [speedVF]
SpeedPortalS [speedS]
DualPortalA [dualA]
DualPortalB [dualB]
TeleportationPortalA [teleportationA]
TeleportationPortalB [teleportationB]
CubePortal [cubeportal]
ShipPortal [shipportal]
BallPortal [ballportal]
UFOPortal [ufoportal]
WavePortal [waveportal]
RobotPortal [robotportal]
SpiderPortal [spiderportal]
RobertTopalaSquare [robtop]
Icon Input
Cube04 [cube]
Cube11 [skull]
Cube12 [scary]
Cube40 [cute]
Cube42 [creeper]
Cube45 [roar]
Cube49 [mushroom]
Cube51 [shyguy]
Cube52 [ironmancube]
Cube56 [deadpool]
Cube59 [gengar]
Cube60 [boo]
Cube61 [meatboy]
Cube62 [lenny]
Cube66 [piratecube]
CubeS [minicube]
Ship01 [ship]
Ship10 [shark]
Ship11 [bird]
Ship16 [dragon]
Ship17 [seahorse]
Ship22 [firebird]
Ball01 [ball]
Ball11 [yinyang]
Ball17 [fuzzball]
UFO01 [ufo]
UFO10 [bowserjr]
UFO15 [alicecooper]
UFO16 [stitch]
Wave01 [wave]
Wave08 [bomber]
Wave12 [amulet]
Wave13 [illuminati]
Robot01 [robot]
Robot03 [rex]
Robot05 [ironman]
Robot06 [masterchief]
Spider01 [spider]

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