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Geometry Dash World is an expansion app of Geometry Dash developed and published by RobTop Games and released on December 21, 2016 for iOS, and on December 22, 2016 for Android devices. It features ten exclusive levels, split into worlds containing five levels each. It also includes a new parental control, new achievements,icons, General Collectibles and the ability to transfer data over to the full version of Geometry Dash through user accounts have also been introduced. In addition, players can play a limited number of custom levels, either by playing the Daily Level or accessing the Featured Levels page. It contains many features from Update 2.1 that were leaked before the release of said update.


Level Stars Released Composer Soundtrack
1. Payload 2 Initial release Dex Arson
2. Beast Mode 2 Initial release Dex Arson
3. Machina 3 Initial release Dex Arson
4. Years 3 Initial release Dex Arson
5. Frontlines 3 Initial release Dex Arson
Toxic Factory
Level Stars Released Composer Soundtrack
6. Space Pirates 3 Initial release Waterflame
7. Striker 3 Initial release Waterflame
8. Embers 3 Initial release Dex Arson
9. Round 1 3 Initial release Dex Arson
10. Monster Dance Off 3 Initial release F-777
Secret Levels
Level Stars Released Composer Soundtrack
1. The Challenge 3 Initial Release RobTop

Gallery and trailers


  • This is the second free expansion for the main game, the first being Geometry Dash Meltdown.
  • The island in the Coming Soon screen is a completely greyed down version of the Dashlands island.
  • Unlike Geometry Dash Meltdown, the old Vault is fully functional in Geometry Dash World, with all the codes and their unlockables working just like in the full version.
  • The level used in the trailer is Monster Dance Off.
  • All of the levels (including The Challenge) are about 30 seconds long

Character selection quotes

  • Player used tap. It's not very effective,
  • Prove that you are worthy,
  • You must do something,
  • ehehehehehe...
  • That wont work.
  • It cannot be done.
  • A wild lock appeared!
  • You are not ready.
  • Need. More. Power.
  • ehehehehehe...
  • The Player used tap. It's not very effective...

  • A demon guards it. Find him.
  • A key... My kingdom for a key...
  • The lock wont budge.
  • A key, you must have.
  • Nothing happened.
  • Forget about this one.
  • Without a key, it cannot be.
  • You have no power here.
  • You are not yet ready.
  • Why you click?

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