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The Icon Kit as of Update 1.8


The Icon Kit is a feature whereby players can change their appearance in Geometry Dash. Although there is no physical difference to gameplay, the player can select from a variety of visually appealing options, including icons for the cube, ship, ball, UFO, wave, robot, spider, death effects, and assorted trails, all with their own unique looks. Colors can also be applied to make unique creations consisting of a primary and secondary color. However, the two chosen colors remain consistent between all forms, stopping you from having multiple color schemes. However, some icons have a blending color that is set as a default and blends your primary and secondary color.

By completing achievements, more colors and icons can be obtained. As of Update 2.1, there is a total of 108 cube icons, 42 colors, 35 ship icons, 29 ball icons, 28 UFO icons, 23 wave icons, 17 robot icons, 10 spider icons, 7 trails and 13 death effects.

Icon galleries

The captioned phrases are the achievement name for each icon. Unless marked as such, these icons are not available in Meltdown, Lite and World. Do note that some icons may have different requirements for getting them in Lite.

These designs can be enabled in the settings.

P denotes Primary Colour; S denotes Secondary Colour.


A trail may sometimes follow behind the icon. This occurs at different times and is dependent on the form and its interactions with map components such as pads, rings, and portals. When the player is in ship form or UFO form, the trail will always appear, no matter what. With spider mode, an unchangeable trail will appear when the player teleports. But it will not appear in wave form, it will just be the normal trail it possesses. However, if the player is in cube form, ball form, or robot form, the trail will only appear when the player interacts with rings, pads, and gravity portals. In the wave form, the trail will always be hidden. Update 1.7 introduced the first unlockable trail that additionally enabled a 'Glow' option that formed an outline of the selected secondary color around the icon. Update 2.0 changed it so that unlocking the rainbow trail would provide the ability to enable and disable the Glow option individually, no matter what trail the player is using. Update 2.1 introduced new trails that follow the player no matter what, such as a dotted-line trail. Also, some new trails from this update are bought from the shop.

An unrelated trail with ghosted copies of the player is activated at different times during levels and is also a feature available in the level editor. This feature was introduced in Polargeist (The Seven Seas in Meltdown). The trail uses only the icon's color 1 details.


  • The icons that are awarded for easy achievements, like 'Stereo Madness!', are lacking in detail and are not very intricate. However, very challenging achievements like "Demon Master" award very detailed icons with intricate patterns. Players can use these icons to show off their accomplishments.
  • UFO 9 and Above have smaller tops compared to the 8 before it.
  • The primary color will also be used in the progress bar if turned on.
  • Choosing black as the primary color will automatically add a glow around the player's icon, regardless of whether or not you have the "glow" option. Several other changes occur which mostly applies the secondary color to map components in place of the black.
  • Despite only being able to be unlocked in the Steam version of Geometry Dash, the "SteamStep!" and the "Steamrolling" icons appear traveling across the menu in the mobile versions of the game. The icons can also be acquired in the said versions by loading a Steam-created save.
  • Some ships that are relatively hard to unlock in the full version are easy to unlock in the lite version of the game. For example, the ship unlocked for collecting 600 stars can now be acquired with 15 secret coins.
  • Before Update 1.4, there has been a shading for the secondary color and the player was only able to acquire the primary color.
  • The highest possible number of icons that can be unlocked for completing one level is the Steam version Clubstep, unlocking a total of 6 icons: Secret coins, stars, demons, Ultimate Clubstep, secondary black and the Steamstep icon.
  • In 2.0, the wave's name was changed to "dart." After many players showed their disapproval, it was changed back to "wave" in 2.01.
  • Prior to Update 2.01, two icons, which are "Nice shot!" and "Catch 'em all!", were glitched and almost impossible to get.
    • Despite being glitched, RobTop used the "Nice Shot!" icon in the first sneak peek video for Update 2.0, where he shows the start of the 2.0 level "Geometrical Dominator".
    • It was possible to get the "Catch 'em all!" icon by tapping a glitched normal-sized mini icon on the main menu. However, there is a rare chance of this happening.
  • Prior to Update 2.1, the requirement to collect the "Supporter" icon was going to settings and tap the "Rate" button. As for Update 2.1, the player is required to tap the lock of the icon, Scratch will then give the player the icon as a free sample, he will then tell the play to find him when they can.
  • The player can activate the use of the default mini icons by going into settings.
  • A contest is being held by Viprin, Etzer, and RobTop in which people create their own icons using Adobe Photoshop (preferred) and the best are implemented into 2.2 (originally top 10, but the number increases as more entries come in).

Icon References

Many icons in Geometry Dash were based on or were inspired by games and other things in the real world.

  • The icons from Geometry Dash are used from the Oxygene 1 font, like "Stereo Madness!", "Dry Out!", "Jumper!", "Base After Base!", "Supporter", and the icon from Geometry Dash and its spinoff's logos.
    • The "Geometry Dash", "Practice Complete", "New Best!", "Level Complete!", and the "More Games" texts are also made with the same font.
  • The icon unlocked for obtaining 60 user coins resembles BamBam, a boom from the game Boomlings, made by Robtop as well.
  • The icon unlocked by completing Hexagon Force in Normal Mode resembles a Creeper, a popularized aggressive and explosive mob from the game Minecraft.
  • The UFO unlocked for completing 30 map packs is based on Bowser's Clown Car in Super Mario World.
  • The Steam exclusive icon for beating 3 main levels is an obvious reference to Valve's Portal series Companion Cube. It is also related since Valve also owns Steam and is the same developer for "Portal".
    • The other Steam icon for beating Clubstep (SteamStep!) has special glasses that look exactly like the official Steam logo.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 10 user coins resembles the sprite of a mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • However, the icon has a squared top, unlike when it was first seen in the second WIP image for Update 2.0. In the WIP image, it had a rounded top, which made it resemble the mushroom sprite better.
  • The icon unlocked for typing 'Lenny' in the vault references a Lenny face, a popular meme created using Unicode characters.
  • The icon unlocked for typing 'spooky' in the vault resembles a Shy Guy, an enemy in the Super Mario and Yoshi's Island series.
  • The icon unlocked for rating the stars on 2000 online levels appears to be a spin-off on Batman, hence the name, "Justice".
  • The icon unlocked for collecting all three coins on Deadlocked loosely appears to be a spin-off on Wolverine. It could also be a reference to Gengar, a character from the Pokemon series.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 150 user coins and the robot from completing Deadlocked in Normal Mode resemble Iron Man.
  • The icon unlocked for receiving 3000 stars appears to be a direct reference to Super Meat Boy.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 110 secret coins appears to be a spin-off on Deadpool.
  • The ship unlocked for getting 3,500 stars resembles the Mon Calamari, a ship from the Star Wars franchise.
  • The ball unlocked for collecting 140 user coins resembles the Yin-Yang symbol in Chinese philosophy (Taoism).
    • It also resembles one of the balls posted by GD user Etzer on TouchArcade. This is for the Project Utopia texture pack. See post
  • The UFO unlocked for getting a star feature level resembles Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 110 user coins appears to be the head of Robocop, the main character in the movie Robocop.
  • The icon for the achievement "Nice Shot!" references the Rotating Block from Super Mario World.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting all three coins on Theory of Everything 2 resembles a Boo, a ghost-like character from the Mario franchise.
  • The robot unlocked for collecting 200 user coins appears to be a Roman/Spartan helmet.
  • The robot unlocked for collecting 100 user coins appears to be a helmet that resembles Master Chief from Halo.
  • The robot unlocked for beating Geometrical Dominator looks slightly like Yoshi from Super Mario World. It also looks like a Snapdragon from Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time or a dinosaur.
  • The ship unlocked for collecting 75 secret coins resembles Porygon from the Pokemon franchise.
  • The wave unlocked for typing the numbers from the TV show Lost in order separately into the vault (8-16-30-32-46-84), resembles the Illuminati or the All-Seeing Eye.
    • The wave unlocked by the "Doomed us all!" achievement, gained by typing in a consecutive string of numbers into the vault, also resembles the Eye.
    • The icon unlocked for typing the player's username into the vault appears to resemble a Minion from the Despicable Me film series. It also was believed by other players to resemble the All-Seeing Eye, similar to the "Doomed us all!' wave.
  • The waves unlocked for acquiring 2,500 stars and typing "Ahead" into the vault resemble a Metroid, the main enemies of the Metroid series of video games.
  • The cube unlocked for destroying 200 players also has the same face as the "Robin Hood" UFO.
  • The icon unlocked for beating Jumper resembles Ogmo, the main character of the game Jumper by Matt Thorson.
    • This could be possibly related to the similarities in the naming of the song and Thorson's game itself.
  • The icon unlocked for beating The Seven Seas with all three coins has an eye-patch on it, a nod to the level and the song.
  • The icon unlocked for completing Viking Arena with all three coins partially resembles a Viking helmet on the top.
  • The outline of the ship unlocked for obtaining 180 user coins partially represents Zapdos, a character from the Pokémon series.
  • The ship unlocked for completing 1,000 user created levels directly looks like a seahorse.
  • The ship unlocked for obtaining 115 secret coins partially looks like Mermaid Man, a character from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The icon rewarded for completing Viking Arena in normal mode is a reference to RoboCop.
  • The robot unlocked for completing Deadlocked in normal mode and the icon unlocked for collecting 150 user coins are references to Marvel's Iron Man.
  • The ship unlocked for collecting 30 user coins resembles Elliott from Disney's movie Pete's Dragon.
  • The icon unlocked for beating Frontlines (Geometry Dash World exclusive) in normal mode resembles the 60 user coins icon.
  • The icon unlocked for beating Monster Dance Off (Geometry Dash World exclusive) resembles a dragon found in the game.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 5 Fire Shards resembles a custom enemy in a few known user-made levels.
  • The wave unlocked for collecting 5 Shadow Shards resembles the X-Wing from Star Wars.
  • The wave unlocked for collecting 5 Lava Shards resembles the default Wave but pixellated.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 15 Lava Shards resembles a Thwomp from Super Mario.
  • The icon unlocked for 5 Bonus Unlocks resembles a cat.
    • The UFO unlocked for 15 Bonus Unlocks also resembles a cat.
  • The UFO for 15 Bonus unlocks may be a reference to Garfield.
  • The ship unlocked for 35 bonus unlocks resembles a Chain Chomp, from the Super Mario franchise.
  • The ship unlocked for collecting 800 user coins bears a resemblance to the Scarran Hierarchy Decimator, from Farscape.
  • One of the UFOs that can be purchased in the shop resembles the "Look of Disapproval" emoticon.
  • One of the icons that can be purchased in the shop has a little resemblance to the Ultimate ToE2 icon.
  • One of the icons that can be purchased in the shop resembles the (._.) emoticon.
  • One of the icons that can be purchased in the shop resembles Gaper from The Binding from Isaac series.
  • The spider that can be purchased in the Secret Shop resembles the Omnidroid from The Incredibles.
  • One of the icons that can be purchased in the secret shop resembles Kratos from God of War.
  • The Robot that can be purchased in the Secret Shop looks similar to Scratch, the secret shopkeeper.
  • The icon unlocked for collecting 2000 diamonds resembles Kirby, a popular video game character.
  • The wave unlocked for collecting 4500 stars resembles the Speed Portals inside the game.
  • One of the spiders that can be found in the Treasure Room faintly resembles Shoop Da Whoop.
  • One of the spiders that can be found in the Treasure Room Resembles Robtop's face (In the looks of it).
  • The icon unlocked for solving the "cod3breaker" puzzle in the Vault of Secrets is a fanmade icon or Jeyzor's Icon from Texture Pack Purpura.
  • The icon unlocked for typing "seven" into the Vault of Secrets is a direct reference to Finn the Human from Adventure Time.
  • The wave unlocked for typing "Volcano" into the Chamber of Time resembles a Christmas tree, possibly hinting at the release of Geometry Dash World.
  • The ball's face unlocked by Collecting 15 Fire Shards resembles the face on Dex Arson's logo.
  • The robot for collecting 35 fire shards resembles Anger from the movie Inside Out.
  • The cube for getting all of the keys (Chaos, Chest, and Time) resembles the logo for Marvel's Punisher.
  • The ball for collecting 425 User Coins strongly resembles a loading circle inside another.


Geometry Jump - Icon Kit Preview00:40

Geometry Jump - Icon Kit Preview

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