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The Level Editor is a feature of Geometry Dash. It allows the player to create their own levels which can be shared online with other people, with the ability to build levels and share them with other players through an organised online system.


For a comprehensive guide to using the level editor, see the Level Editor Guide.

Helpful information

  • A level can only be verified if it is completed in normal mode, with all user coins being collected if included, and that the level does not contain a Start Position.
  • Level lengths are determined as follows:
    • Tiny: 1-9 seconds (includes copied levels until edited).
    • Short: 10-29 seconds.
    • Medium: 30-59 seconds.
    • Long: 60-119 seconds.
    • XL: 120+ seconds.

Level components and objects

  • Blocks - includes achromatic, monochromatic and dichromatic; with outline or without outline.
  • Platforms - includes achromatic, monochromatic and dichromatic; with outline or without outline.
  • Outlines - for horizontal, platform and sloped blocks.
  • Slopes - includes achromatic, monochromatic and dichromatic; with outline or without outline.
  • Stationary hazards - spikes and thorns. Includes fake spikes.
  • 3D decorations - basic outline and 3D versions of blocks.
  • Interactive objects - transporters, portals, speed portals, animated objects, collectibles and text.
  • Ground-based decorations.
  • Air-based decorations.
  • Pulsating decorations.
  • Rotating objects - includes saws and rotating decorations.
  • Triggers
  • Custom objects

See the page on map components for more information



  • Prior to Update 1.9, it held 10,000 objects.
  • As of update 1.9, it held 15,000 objects.
  • As of update 1.921, it held 20,000.
  • For update 2.0, it held 30,000 objects which can not be allowed to edit user levels that contain more than 30k objects, so a message will appear saying “You cannot put more than 30000 objects.”.
  • As of update 2.1. it held 40,000 objects which can be allowed to edit user levels that contain more than 30,000 objects in update 2.0 such as Reanimation by Terron. High object capacity was added and increased to 80 thousand. This prevents players from placing too many objects in a level, although this is frequently bypassed with hacking.


  • Only the initial release allowed practice mode to be used to verify levels.
  • If the player clicks the "Help" button on the custom music screen, there is an example ID (568699), which is actually the song ID for "Hexagon Force" by Waterflame.
  • In update 2.1, colours channels 1000 through 1006 and 1009 are reserved for BG, Ground, Line, 3DL, Object, Player Color 1, Player Color 2 and Ground 2 respectively and cannot be used normally. This was fixed in update 2.11 that made the amount of colour channels to 999.
  • In the beta 2.1 editor, all of the color triggers (BG, Ground, Ground2, Line, 3DL, Obj) were merged into one color trigger, but in old levels, there are separate color triggers.
  • RobTop has changed the Newgrounds policy for Geometry Dash to prevent players from uploading stolen music. More info can be found here.
  • In 1.9, the Geometry Dash editor had 5 buttons: Copy, Paste, Copy and Paste, Edit Object, and Deselect. However, in the Geometry Dash Steam trailer, it shows an editor with 4 buttons: Copy and Paste, Edit Object, Deselect, and Edit Group.
    • The Edit Group button was not introduced until update 2.0, suggesting that the version of Geometry Dash used in the Steam trailer was a development version.
    • In Update 2.0 there was a bug when you make your Unnamed 9999 lvl. If you made another one after this, it would say Unnamed 0-1, which is interesting because the dash symbol can not be inputted into search or level's names.
  • In dual mode, if the player crashes either icon, the former will stop while the other will keep moving.
  • There isn't an available option to start the level under the effects of the mirror portal. However, you can sort of do that by putting a mirror portal at the very beginning of the level.