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Portals are special map components in Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash World. They modify the way the player interacts with the level and can also change the icon into different forms.

Manipulation portals

Type Activation Deactivation Introduced Description
Gravity GravityPortalA GravityPortalB Dry Out (formally),
Back On Track (coin)
Airborne Robots (Hidden) Frontlines Inverts the icon's gravity.
Mirror MirrorPortalA MirrorPortalB Time Machine N/A Striker Reverses the screen direction.
Size SizePortalA SizePortalB Clutterfunk Daily Levels Modifies the icon's size.
Speed[?] SpeedPortalS Hexagon Force Changes the horizontal movement speed. Slow

(0.8× speed)

SpeedPortalN Normal

(1.0× speed)

SpeedPortalF Electrodynamix Fast

(1.25× speed)

SpeedPortalVF Very fast

(1.5× speed)

SpeedPortalEF N/A Extremely fast

(1.75× speed)

Dual DualPortalA DualPortalB Hexagon Force Creates a duplicate icon with inverted colours and gravity.
Teleportation TeleportationPortalA TeleportationPortalB Deadlocked Teleports the icon from the blue portal to the orange portal along the y-axis.

Form portals

Form Type Introduced Description Vertical grid Safe contact
Name Portal Default icon GD MD GDW Standard size Mini size Standard Dual*
Cube CubePortal Cube01 Stereo Madness The Seven Seas Payload Performs small successive jumps three times its height and falls steeply. Performs smaller jumps so can jump faster in succession. 60 units, no ceiling 9 units In the direction of gravity.
Ship ShipPortal Ship01 The Seven Seas Machina Is rapidly propelled upwards and naturally descends gradually. Ascends and descends faster. 10 units Above and below.
Ball BallPortal Ball01 Cycles Airborne Robots Embers Moves steeply by alternating gravity given that there is contact with a surface although will not move in succession. Ascends and descends faster. 8 units 9 units Above and below.
UFO UFOPortal UFO01 Theory of Everything N/A Space Pirates Performs small non-successive midair hops and naturally descends gradually. Performs smaller hops and descends faster. 10 units Above and below.
Wave WavePortal Wave01 Blast Processing Monster Dance Off Is propelled at a constant speed at an upward diagonal and naturally descends at a downward diagonal. Ascends and descends faster and at steeper angles. 10 units Ground, ceiling, and "D" clever boxes used above or below.
Robot RobotPortal Robot01 Geometrical Dominator Daily/Featured levels Performs controlled non-successive jumps that can reach up to four times its height and falls steeply. Performs smaller jumps and descends faster. 60 units, no ceiling 9 units In the direction of gravity.
Spider SpiderPortal Spider01 Fingerdash The Challenge Teleports to the nearest overhead surface and flips gravity. Same as the regular size, only with a smaller hitbox. 9 units In the direction of gravity.


  • Passing above the 60 unit grid due to the effects of antigravity or a moving object will result in a crash.
  • Prior to its formal introduction, the deactivation gravity portal is encountered in Back On Track and Polargeist as part of collecting Secret Coins.
  • Under the effects of the size portal, the ship, UFO, wave and robot designs are compressed into smaller sizes; prior to Update 2.1, while the cube and ball could each acquire unique small designs which are not found in the Icon Kit, instead of a smaller size. This is achieved by and option Default Mini Icon in the Settings menu of Geometry Dash and World; Meltdown and Lite, however, does not have this option and will always use the unique mini design. If this option is selected, the ship and UFO are under the effects of the size portal, the cube they each carry will also maintain the small design.
  • The normal and slow speed portals were formally introduced in Update 1.8 but were actually included in Update 1.7, available for use in the level editor.
  • The Extremely Fast speed portal has not yet been formally introduced despite that it was available in the level editor in Update 2.1.
  • While under the effects of the dual portal, a crash with either icon will terminate the other, although they can't collide with each other.
  • Years, Space Pirates and Embers are the only official levels that do not start with a cube form.
    • Each of them are secluded to Geometry Dash World with the exception that they can be primitively copied onto a user level.
  • Using teleportation portals that exit outside of the grid of the ship, ball, UFO or wave will result in the icon being returned beside the nearest boundary with no realignment of the grid.
  • If entering a form portal of the same form the icon is currently and the portal is on a higher or lower position to the previous portal, the grid will vertically shift to realign with the new portal, with the exception of the cube and robot portals which do not lock the grid. This is demonstrated only once in an official level in Stereo Madness with the alternate route for the third secret coin.
  • Entering manipulation portals provides additional visual cues:
    • The gravity portal triggers brief lines moving in the direction of the gravity.
    • The mirror portal causes every block on the screen to move to the opposite side.
    • The size portal triggers a bolt of lightning striking the icon along with the screen flashing twice.
    • The speed portal triggers coloured particles of the respective portal colour moving against the direction of the icon for a short time.
    • The teleportation portal triggers a bolt of lightning between the two portals along with the screen flashing briefly.
  • The size portal is the only manipulation portal that does not use the colour blue.
  • The colours of the teleportation portals are a reference to the game Portal, with blue being the entry portal colour and orange being the exit portal colour.
  • The robot and spider portals are the only form portals which do not share their colours with a manipulation portal.
  • The dual portal is the only manipulation portal that restricts the grid.
  • Entering the mirror portal will slightly decrease the level's percentage; however, this does not have any effect on the progress of the level.
    • This is best observed with the percentage bar activated.
  • It has been proven that the cube can jump approximately 24% of a block higher if it does a jump beforehand. This is likely because the cube hits its corner on the first jump.

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