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Press Start Is the first level of Geometry Dash SubZero and the first and only level with a Normal difficulty.


Press Start introduces numerous features from the main game, such as the Cube, Ship, Ball and Robot game-mode forms. In addition, it features jump pads, jump orbs, gravity portals, speed portals, teleportation portals, monsters, and moving obstacles. This level introduces for the first time the brand new camera features that are set to be added in Update 2.2 which are the: camera zoom in/out, camera offset, and static camera. It also introduces the "reversed" game-play option in which the player goes backwards. The level contains a pixelated skull, serving as the "boss" of the level.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 68% and collected as the ship. Go through fake slopes marked by the absence of spikes on the slopes to enter a gap in which the coin is located.
  • The second coin is located at 74% and collected as the cube. In the first static camera part, after the second change-direction orb, skip the third on-screen orb. Fall down to the platform beneath and jump immediately to unlock the coin path.
  • The third coin is located at 92% and collected as the ship. Dodge the second laser by going up near the ceiling to get the coin.
  • Collecting all three secret coins will reward an additional cube.


Geometry Dash SubZero - Press Start

Geometry Dash SubZero - Press Start


  • Press Start introduces numerous features at first, compared to first levels on the other expansion games. This is probably why it was rated normal instead of easy, unlike most beginning levels.
  • If the player dies at the orbs around 20%, a message saying "Tap!" will pop up, giving instructions to the new players to tap the orbs.
  • The pipe transition to the static camera section and "Level" numbering are most likely a reference to the Super Mario franchise.
  • Press Start, the song used for this level is mainly popular as the old intro song for the popular British YouTuber DanTDM.
  • This is the only level that features a song by MDK along with Fingerdash.
  • This is the second official level with a Boss Fight, with the first being Deadlocked.
  • If the player jumps in the "continue?" the player will skip the jump pad, and crash into the wall.
  • Press Start is the only level that has a (only a mild) swear, "Oh, D*mn!", at the drop of the level at 53%.


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