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Shops are a feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.1. They are accessed by pulling ropes, the shop through the rope located on the Icon Kit menu; the secret shop and community shop through the rope located on the last section of the Treasure Room, which additionally requires 500 and 200 diamonds respectively.


The shop, secret shop, and community shop are run by the Shopkeeper, Scratch, and Potbor respectively. Each requires mana orbs as currency to purchase various Icon Kit items. The secret shop also contains the Master Emblem for 1,000 mana orbs, which enables access to the Chamber of Time. 471,500 mana orbs are required to purchase every available item (as for 2.11), 66,000 mana orbs, 65,500 mana orbs and 340,000 mana orbs between each of the shops.

Community Shop

The community shop is the third shop introduced on Update 2.11 and includes many icons that were designed by community players due to the Official Geometry Dash icon contest started on February 07, 2017 and ended on June 04, 2017. A total of 72 icons were created by the first batch of winners of the contest (19 cubes, 9 Balls, 13 ships, 7 UFOs, 10 Waves, 8 Robots and 6 Spiders) and said icons were added in the 2.11 Update. Each icon is credited in the "credits" menu above the shop. This menu also includes special thanks to Viprin, Etzer, and Michigun.


The soundtracks used are BossaBossa for the shop, Sneaky Snitch for the secret shop, and March of the Spoons for the community shop. All were composed by Kevin MacLeod.



Secret shop


Community shop




File:Screen Shot_2018-01-30_at_8.56.32_AM.png

  • In Geometry Dash World, the shop contains a television which allows advertisements to be watched, earning 100 mana orbs per view.
  • On the top right of the community shop, there's a credits button which shows the list of the people who made the custom icons along with their usernames above, and in the last page of the said list being the special thanks to Viprin, Etzer and Michigun, the ones (along with RobTop) who organized the official Icon Contest. The last page also has jokes for the users, Having ViPriN + Paste (Reference that ViPriN often copy+pastes objects in his levels), 8) (Etzer's Logo and Emote) and Triple Spikes (One of the known GD Memes, Relates to Michigun)
  • The name 'Potbor' is Robtop spelt backwards.
  • Potbor mentions page 394 of the Shopkeepers Handbook. This is a reference to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Professor Snape asks Harry's Defense against the Dark Arts class to turn to page 394.

Shop owner exchanges

Shopkeeper dialogue

After crashing on a level when possessing at least 500 mana orbs, the following message is received:
  • I see you have a lot of orbs. You should visit my shop!

Scratch dialogue

After pulling the rope in the Treasure Room with less than 500 diamonds in possession, the following messages will cycle through:
  • Uhm, there is no rope.
    • Just... Pretend this never happened.
    • ...
  • I'm gonna need you to stop doing that.
    • If RubRub sees this I am in BIG trouble.
    • I hate that guy...
  • Finally, I thought you wou...
    • Wait, You're not the delivery guy.
    • How am I supposed to run a shop if I don't have any merchandise?
    • I mean, what shop?
    • ...
  • Look, I can't let you in. Not without the... stuff.
    • I'm not even supposed to be here. I'm just a glitch in the code.
    • Did you hear something?
    • ...
  • Alright, alright. If you collect 500 Diamonds I will let you in.
    • Usually the limit is 1000, but you look a bit scary.
    • Just, get out of here before someone sees you.
    • Do you smell burning chicken?
    • ...
  • Collect 500 Diamonds and I will let you in.
    • Now go away, RubRub might be watching.
    • ...

After pulling the rope with at least 500 diamonds, the following message is received:

  • Oh, the diamonds. You found them.
    • Alright come in, quickly before someone sees you.
    • You never know who might be watching
    • ...

After purchasing the Master Emblem, the following message is received:

  • Ah, the Shiny thing. Excellent choice.
    • I found it some time ago. Yeah, "found" is a good word...
    • If anyone asks, you didn't buy it here.
    • I mean, buy it where?
    • ...

If Cube13, associated with the Supporter achievement, is not unlocked, tapping its lock on the Icon Kit will initiate a message from Scratch and reward the icon:

  • Hey, over here...
    • I've been watching you, and you got some skills.
    • Whatever you need, Scratch's got it.
    • Here's a free sample. Come find me when you can.
    • Did you hear something?
    • ...

Potbor dialogue

After pulling the rope in the Treasure Room with less than 200 diamonds in possession, the following messages will cycle through:
  • Oh a customer!
    • I never had a customer before.
    • ... Not sure what to do.
  • Let me check the manual.
    • The ShopKeepers handbook: You give stuff, they pay money.
    • ... Sounds simple enough.
  • Page 2: Refund policy
    No refunds!
    • Page 3: Shopkeeper etiquette
      ... Probably not important.
    • Page 4: Self destruct mechanism
      The page is missing...
    • Not sure if I should be worried about this.
  • Page 394: Customer must have 200 diamonds.
    • What's a diamond?
    • ...
  • You must collect 200 Diamonds before I can let you in the Shop!
    • It says so in the handbook...
    • ...

After pulling the rope with at least 200 diamonds, the following message is received:

  • You found all the diamonds!?
    • Just need to check: 1, 2, 3, 200. Yup, all there!
    • My first customer, how exciting!
    • ...