The Treasure Room is a feature introduced in Geometry Dash World and the full version of Geometry Dash in Update 2.1. It requires five Demon Keys to unlock, and one key per chest to be opened. The Treasure Room contains 200 normal chests and 3 special chests that are unlocked once a certain amount of normal chests have been opened (50, 100, and 200 respectively). The first special chest contains a key to unlock one of the locks in The Basement.

The last page of the Treasure Room contains a rope hanging from the top of the screen that can be used to access Scratch's Shop; however, the player must have obtain at least 500 diamonds.

The 50 chest bonus chest also has one of the keys needed to unlock the cage in the Basement.


The chests are separated in:

  • 62 Chests with Mana Orbs (31%)
  • 62 Chests with Shards of Power (31%)
  • 50 Chests with Diamonds (25%)
  • 18 Chests with both Mana Orbs & Diamonds (9%)
  • 7 Chests with Special Icons (3.5%)
  • 1 Chest with a Death Effect (0.5%)

Special Icons

These icons are found in Treasure Room chests:


  • The song that plays in the Treasure Room is Random Song 01 and was composed by Robert Topala himself under his Newgrounds alias RobTop (formerly Zhenmuron). Random Song 01 is also heard in the Vault.
  • Upon switching from Scratch's Shop back to the Treasure Room, the music changes to the song used in the Vault of Secrets.
  • The menu music will seldom play upon accessing the Treasure Room.
  • The player need not sacrifice the 5 Keymaster Keys required to unlock the Treasure Room. Therefore, 5 chests are automatically available to open once the Treasure Room is unlocked.
  • The Keymaster Keys are commonly referred to as Demon Keys as they resemble the Hard Demon icon and it requires 500 mana orbs to collect one, the same amount as you receive for beating a demon.

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