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New level, Clutterfunk

Update 1.4 was the fourth update to Geometry Dash released on 26 December 2013. It introduced Clutterfunk, a new colour, and four new ships.


  • New level "Clutterfunk"!
  • New unlockable ships!
  • New level details, effects and more!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks.


Fix for a bug that caused players with over 500 stars or 5 completed demon levels to crash.

Geometry Dash Lite Introductions

On 26th November 2013, Geometry Dash Lite updated to 1.4 with the following:

  • New FREE level "Dry Out"!
  • Unlock a new character and colour!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks.


  • Prior to this update, the default (and only) ship icon resembled the current default, but with additional shading.
  • This was the first update to have a teaser image.
  • This is the only update where no icons were made.


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