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This is upcoming!
This article contains information about unreleased content which is not entirely known about yet. As a high traffic page, information may be inaccurate as it undergoes revision and should not be treated as wholly factual. If you do know something, help by including verified information and clarifying existing information. Keep in mind that unverified information may be removed.

Update 2.2 will be the 12th major update to Geometry Dash and has no set release date. It will implement community-created icons, as well as Demon Coins, a collaboration system, and a new gamemode.


*24th June, 2016: RobTop reveals plans to add a trigger that will allow the player to manipulate the camera.
  • 21st August, 2016: RobTop states that he is planning to add more Map Packs in updates subsequent to 2.1.
  • 8th February, 2017: ViPriN, etzer, and Michigun announced their hosting of an Icon Contest in collaboration with Robtop Games AB. As stated in their YouTube video, "the 10 winners of the icon contest will get their submissions put into Geometry Dash Update 2.2."
  • 26th February, 2017: etzer releases a YouTube video titled "GD Weekly [2/19-2/26]", which is essentially an unofficial media outlet for Geometry Dash. He announces that because of the excessive number of submissions, the original 10 winners will be increased accordingly. He also asserts that RobTop will add a separate "credits page" for each chosen icon and its respective creator, with a format similar to that of the Shards of Powers'.
  • 8th March, 2017: RobTop posts the first teaser image of 2.2, showcasing a new game mode. It resembles a ball with three rockets attached to its back, two of which are ejecting a flame.
  • 7th April, 2017: etzer announces that people may continue to submit for the upcoming game mode until 18th April, 2017.


  • 2.2 will be the fourth consecutive update to add a new game mode.
  • DJ-Nate has released two songs on his YouTube channel titled Theory of Everything 3 and Electrodynamix 2 and has stated that it could be expected in an upcoming update of Geometry Dash or Geometry Dash World.
  • Update 2.2 will be the first official Geometry Dash update to include community made icons.



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