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The Vault is a feature of Geometry Dash. Introduced in Update 2.0, it is located through the Settings menu from a padlock in the upper right corner, requiring the possession of 10 user coins to gain access.


The Vault contains a text field and an angry padlock button below it. Pressing the button will cycle through a series of responses and clear any input in the text field. Entering certain phrases will unlock Icon Kit rewards, secret coins as well as any related achievements. Hints in the form of green phrases are provided every so often to help guess the codes.


Enter the codes stated as captions to unlock the respective rewards.


  • The standard Vault contains the most unlockables of the various vaults.
  • The song that plays in the Vault is Random Song 01 and was composed by Robert Topala himself under his Newgrounds alias RobTop.
  • The face on the padlock resembles the Demon difficulty icon but differs in being grey, having red eyes and lacking horns. It is known as the Vault Keeper whose name is 'Spooky'. This is mentioned by a loading screen phrase as well as implied by certain Vault responses.
  • The Vault can be accessed in Geometry Dash Meltdown by loading save data with the Vault already unlocked on it, although nothing can be interacted with and the music does not play.
  • The 'blockbite' code can be found under the Help section of the Settings menu. Upon waiting a few seconds, the phrase will slowly appear in the lower right corner of the screen. After entering it into the Vault, it will not appear again.

Vault references

  • "RubRub" is a joke alias of Robert Topala.
  • "gandalfpotter" is an amalgamation of the names of characters Gandalf and Harry Potter from the movie series The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter respectively.
  • "robotop" is an amalgamation of Robert Topala's alias RobTop, and RoboCop, a character from a movie of the same name.
  • The number sequence "8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84" is determined by doubling 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42,, which is derived from the Valenzetti Equation in the TV series Lost, predicting the time of human extinction.
  • "There is no spoon" is a quote from the movie The Matrix.
  • "This is not the room you are looking for..." is a reference to the phrase "These aren't the droids you're looking for" from the movie Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • "It's my precious..." and "Sneaky hobbitses" are quotes from the character Gollum, and "You shall not pass" and "Fly, you fool!" are quotes from the character Gandalf, both from the movie series The Lord of the Rings.
  • "...or use the force" is a reference to Star Wars.
  • The hint suggesting the correct phrase to be "stubborn as a mule" is an idiom.
  • "Gryffindor!" is a partial quote from the movie series Harry Potter.
  • "Roses are red, violets are blue, click the back button, so I get rid of you" is a reference to an old rhyme "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you"
  • The twilight zone is/was a popular horror sci-fi movie
  • Add references:
    • Two cubes walk into a bar.

Vault responses

General responses

There are 30 general responses which are cycled through in the same order and will repeat once reaching the end.
  1. How did you get in here?!
  2. What are you poking around for?
  3. Don't you have better things to do?
  4. There is no spoon
  5. Go away!
  6. I should have hid this room better...
  7. You're not supposed to be in here...
  8. RubRub won't like this...
  9. zzzZZZZ...
  10. Don't touch that!
  11. Why U touch my stuff?
  12. RubRub better not find you in here...
  13. Can't you just leave?
  14. This is not the room you are looking for...
  15. Sneaky sneaky...
  16. It's my precious...
  17. You shall not pass!
  18. Don't push the button!
  19. You're gonna get me in trouble...
  20. This is getting ridiculus... [sic]
  21. Go collect some stars
  22. Maybe there are new levels?
  23. Just, stop bothering me
  24. I'm gonna stop talking
  25. ...
  26. ......
  27. GAH!
  28. You're hopeless...
  29. Really, still here?
  30. Fine, press the button


A series of hints in green text can appear between any general response at random to help determine the codes.
  • You're here for my gold, aren't you?
    • I had a secret coin once
    • It was so beautiful
    • I called it, Sparky (relating to sparky)
  • Don't tell RubRub, but I stole an icon
    • He will never notice...
    • I hid it with my name as the password
    • Muahahaha! (relating to spooky)
  • So? You're looking for a hint
    • I hid one in the game
    • But I'm not telling you
    • It's definitely not on the support page (relating to blockbite)
  • I like the new Robot mode
    • I even have my own Robot
    • RubRub gave it to me as a present
    • No, I won't give you a hint... (relating to robotop)
  • Ok, I will give you a hint.
    • Without it, I'm dead.
    • If I'm not, then I'm behind.
    • What am I?
    • That didn't go very well... (relating to ahead)
  • Why are you still here
    • You're so stubborn
    • Stubborn as a fox
    • Wait, that's not right!
    • Gah, I forgot the word
    • Those animals that are stubborn
    • Nevermind... (relating to mule)
  • It does get lonely sometimes
    • It's so quiet...
    • Except for the annoying music
    • Just keeps looping
    • Over and over and over
    • It never ends
    • It doesn't have an end
    • ending
    • That's like 5 hints (relating to neverending)
  • Fly, you fool!
    • ...or use the force
    • Whichever comes first
    • Sneaky hobbitses...
    • Gryffindor! (relating to gandalfpotter)
  • Secrets secrets secrets...
    • It's hard to keep track of
    • Makes me feel lost...
    • Maybe we are in a twilight zone?
    • Reminds me of a book I read
    • The pages were weird
    • Page one was page two
    • Page three was page six
    • Made it really hard to read (relating to the number set)
  • I don't feel good
    • RubRub will come soon...
    • ...Unless he's already here
    • Watching, waiting, lurking...
    • He knows every move I make
    • Every move YOU make
    • But maybe you can stop him?
    • Maybe you are the key? (relating to the player's username)

Responses to correct codes

Entering a correct code will return a specific response. After doing so for the first time, the particular response will not be returned again.
  • Noooooo!!!! (lenny)
  • My coin... NOOOOOO!!! (sparky)
  • WHAT?! How did you know my name!?! (spooky)
  • How do you know my secrets!? (blockbite)
  • So he told you?... (robotop)
  • You learn quickly! (ahead)
  • Ah, right you are. (mule)
  • You're pretty good at this (neverending)
  • That was weird... (gandalfpotter)
  • (general response) (8)
    • ... (16)
    • What do you think you're doing? (30)
    • Those numbers, aren't they... (32)
    • NO NO NO NO!!! (46)
    • GAH!! You have doomed us all! (84)
  • He could be watching right now... (player's name)

Other highlighted responses

Additional responses in green text can appear between any general response at random.
  • Are you always like this?
    • I mean, what's the point?
    • Let me guess, you're gonna push the button?
    • What a surprise
  • Don't you get tired of clicking?
    • I mean, isn't it boring?
    • Click click click
    • Is that all you do?
  • I have an idea for a gamemode
    • You play as a cube
    • That can jump
    • ...And there are spikes
    • Nevermind...
  • I heard a joke the other day
    • Two cubes walk into a bar
    • Wait... did they walk or slide?
    • I don't think cubes can walk
    • Nevermind...
  • Look behind you!
    • I thought I saw something
    • Maybe it's just my imagination
    • Or was it?
    • DUN DUN DUN!
  • Roses are red
    • Violets are blue
    • Click the back button
    • So I get rid of you
  • So... what's up?
    • The back button is in the corner.
    • Ready to leave yet?
    • Whenever you're ready...
    • Fine, I can wait.
  • There's a trail hidden somewhere
    • But RubRub didn't tell me where
    • ...Or what the password is
    • You will have to ask him

Vault exchanges

An otherwise unreceivable series of responses in green text will be returned after first entering 'sparky' into the Vault, cycling through the Vault of Secrets to receive a series of responses regarding 'sparky', and then cycling through the standard Vault will eventually until return the following, hinting at the phrase 'glubfub' to be entered into the Vault of Secrets.
  • So you met the GateKeeper...
    • I heard he made fun of me
    • Made fun of 'Sparky'...
    • ...
    • Like he has a better name
    • What does 'Glubfub' mean anyway?
    • I mean... oh no...

Locked Vault quotes

Before the Vault is unlocked, the padlock will be grey. Selecting it will return a notification from The Guard.
  • No one seems to be home.
  • Don't touch!
  • It's a secret...
  • zzzZZZ...
  • Not allowed!
  • Why u click?
  • No!
  • Nothing to see here...
  • Go away!
  • Just, stop.
  • Stop it!
  • Only full version players may access the vault... (will appear if access is attempted from Geometry Dash Lite or Geometry Dash Meltdown)

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