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The Vault of Secrets is a feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. Introduced in Geometry Dash World and then in Update 2.1, it is located through the Create menu from a lock in the upper right corner, initially requiring 50 diamonds to gain access.


The Vault of Secrets contains a text field and a monster padlock button below it. Pressing the button will cycle through a series of responses and clear any input in the text field. Entering certain phrases will unlock Icon Kit rewards, secret coins, as well as any related achievements. Hints in the form of green phrases are provided every so often to help guess the codes. In the lower right corner is another door which leads to the Basement. initially requiring 200 diamonds to gain access, allowing the level The Challenge to be played than in turn allows the Basement to be accessed.

The Challenge


Upon entering "The Challenge", you will be given a short level to play. This level introduces a handful of 2.1 mechanics not seen anywhere else, such as the Spider and both dash orbs. Upon completing, you will be rewarded with 3 Stars, some Mana Orbs, and access to The Basement. In The Basement, there is a chest with an icon. However, after waiting a few seconds, you will see glowing eyes (as seen in the end of the trailer) behind jail bars asking for you to release him using three keys. Only one of them is available in Geometry Dash World and is obtained by opening 50 of the chests in the Treasure Room. The second and third keys are only available in the full version; the orange key is obtained from a chest in the Chamber of Time, and the blue key is a reward from the Chaos Gauntlet.

Breaking all three of the locks will reveal more of the creature in the prison. It will announce its objective to destroy Geometry Dash, thanks to the player for their efforts, and then leaves, revealing a chest behind. Noticing the commotion, the Keymaster comes down only to realise that the jail is open. The chest can then be opened, revealing an icon, death effect, and a purple key. This purple key is used to access the demon gauntlet.


Enter the codes stated as captions to unlock the respective rewards. Some rewards require additional steps to unlock.


Upon entering 'cod3breaker', 6 numbers will appear in sequence, each fading in and out within a second, and must be used to perform mathematical calculations. Each previous term must be subtracted from the following term. For instance, given that the numbers in sequence are 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, the calculations performed would be:
  1. 3 − 1 = 2
  2. 6 − 3 = 3
  3. 7 − 6 = 1
  4. 8 − 7 = 1
  5. 11 − 8 = 3

The answers to each calculation should then be entered in order as one number. The corresponding code to the above example would then be '23113'.

This unofficially supported program may be used to help.


In order to steal the Keymaster's coin, you must first steal Spooky's coin. In order to do this, earn 10 user coins, go to the options menu and tap the top right to enter The Vault. Then, enter "Sparky" to steal Spooky's coin. After that, go to the Vault of Secrets and keep clicking the button until the Keymaster mentions Sparky. Then, go to The Vault again and keep clicking the button until Spooky mentions Glubfub. Finally, go to the Vault of Secrets once more and enter "Glubfub".


  • The secret level awarded by typing The Challenge has some elements seen in the 2.1 sneak peek trailer such as the new Spider game mode. However, it can only be played after collecting at least 200 Diamonds.
    • Completing this level allows the player to go into the brown door in the bottom right corner and access The Basement, with the prison and a chest, which contains a new icon.
  • Occasionally, the Keymaster will insert the player's username into sentences.
  • If you complete The Challenge then exit, the original Geometry Dash menu music will play instead of the usual song for The Vault of Secrets.
  • In order to gain access to the Chamber of Time, the player must talk to the creature and get the orange key's hint first.
  • The basement can also be accessed in Geometry Dash World. However, the player can only get the Green Key (from opening the special chest in the Treasure Room that is unlocked by opening 50 regular chests).
  • The Creature may be the Demon Guardian who was the only one who could open the Demon Gauntlet. This is because the key that is used to unlock the Demon Gauntlet can be found when the player frees him.
  • If you type in RobTop you will get an orange response saying: RUBRUBRUBRUBRUBRUB.
  • If you type Kappa you will get an orange response saying: There is no Kappa icon...
  • If you type Unicorn you will get an orange response saying: Why do they have a horn?
  • If you type RubRubPowah123 you will get an orange response saying: Ultimate Haxxor mode enabled. Not...
  • 1st face: "Hey I heard some noi..." (This face is also the regular face used in most other dialogue)
  • 2nd face: "Wait... is the gate..."
  • 3rd face: "You opened the gate..."


  • "This is not the room you are looking for..." is a reference to the phrase" "These aren't the droids you're looking for." from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • "You shall not pass!" and "It's my precious..." are both references to the movie series The Lord Of The Rings.
  • "Player used knock! Its not very effective..." and "A wild lock appeared" is a reference to the Pokémon games.
  • The icon unlocked for typing the word 'seven' is Finn from Adventure Time.
  • "O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo!" is a reference to the song NOMA - Brain Power. The code (Brainpower) also references the same song.
  • The icon unlocked for solving the "cod3breaker" puzzle is used in the "Small lava test" video and is also a fanmade icon.
  • The creature in the basement resembles the Pokemon Gengar and the Ultimate Deadlocked icon.

Vault of Secrets Responses

A random clue (green text) can appear between any line at any moment, and they are shown in Clues and Miscellaneous. When typing in a valid password for the first time, a corresponding special line is triggered. The same line can never be triggered again after the player has done the corresponding password once, and these lines are shown as italic and have a word behind them, with the word representing the corresponding password.

General responses

There are 30 general responses which are cycled through in the same order and will repeat once reaching the end.
  1. I have heard about you
  2. [PlayerName] the sneaky one...
  3. You think you can fool me
  4. You are deeply mistaken
  5. Go away!
  6. I should have hid this room better...
  7. You're not supposed to be in here...
  8. RubRub won't like this...
  9. zzzZZZZ...
  10. Don't touch that!
  11. Why you touch my stuff?
  12. RubRub better not find you in here...
  13. Can't you just leave?
  14. This is not the room you are looking for...
  15. Sneaky sneaky...
  16. It's my precious...
  17. You shall not pass!
  18. Don't push the button!
  19. You're gonna get me in trouble...
  20. This is getting ridiculous... [sic]
  21. Go collect some stars
  22. Maybe there are new levels?
  23. Just, stop bothering me
  24. I'm gonna stop talking
  25. ...
  26. ......
  27. GAH!
  28. You're hopeless...
  29. Really, still here?
  30. Fine, press the button

Responses to correct codes

Entering a correct code will return a specific response. After doing so, the responses will not be returned again.
  • My level? You want to try it!? (The Challenge)
  • Ugh... Slippery (Octocube)
  • I should have been a doctor... (Seven)
  • O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo! (Brainpower)
  • Indeed it is... (thechickenisonfire)
  • How many colors do you need? (gimmiethecolor)
  • I wish I had that many shinies... ([amount of stars])
  • Impressive... ([The code to cod3breaker])
  • NOOOO!! THIEF! THIEF! (Glubfub)

Responses to incorrect codes

Entering an incorrect code will return any of these reponses.
  • You're hopeless...
  • Really, still here?
  • What kind of name is [PlayerName] anyway?
  • No, just no
  • Swing and a miss!
  • I told you, it won't work...
  • Door is now open. Oh wait, no it's not.
  • Is that actually your guess?
  • Go home [PlayerName].
  • Nope
  • Give up, please
  • Door is still locked
  • That tickles!
  • Try harder please
  • Don't make me angry
  • You won't like me when im angry...
  • Oh no, you just unlocked... NOTHING
  • Only 3 attempts left!
  • Only 2 attempts left!
  • Just kidding, unlimited attempts
  • Maybe you should do something else?
  • This is getting ridiculous... [sic]
  • Go collect some stars
  • How about no?
  • [PlayerName], please give up...
  • Error, error. Bad answers.
  • Failure
  • May I suggest thinking?
  • There is no Kappa icon... (Kappa)
  • Why do they have a horn? (Unicorn)
  • Ultimate Haxxor mode enabled. Not... (Rubrubpowah123)


*Oh my head...
    • I feel so drained
    • Would be nice to get some energy
    • You know, for my head...
    • Nothing? OK... (relating to Brainpower)
  • I heard what you did
    • You little thief
    • You took 'Spooky's' coin
    • That is pure evil
    • I like it
    • I know what you're thinking
    • But you will never get my coin...
    • I keep it safe
    • Too clever for you... (relating to glubfub)
  • So... there is a tree
    • A very short tree
    • In this tree there lives a Witch
    • A very short Witch
    • The Witch stinks of fish
    • My question to you is this...
    • On a scale from tree to fish
    • How many shinies do you have? (relating to the player's star count)
  • Which came first?
    • The chicken or the egg?
    • ...
    • The egg, of course
    • Then the egg laid the chicken
    • ... and the chicken said
    • The password is on fire
    • I need to get some rest... (relating to thechickenisonfire)
  • Want to hear a secret?
    • Just don't tell RubRub
    • I am building my own level
    • I call it "The Challenge"
    • Hope it gets featured
    • But probably not...
    • RubRub will never notice me (relating to the challenge)
  • ...
    • Might as well give you a riddle
    • Since you insist on staying
    • 'I have always been odd'
    • 'Remove my start and I am even'
    • 'When you complete this riddle'
    • 'I hope you are leaving'
    • Can you go now? (relating to seven)

The Basement


The Basement is a feature in Geometry Dash first seen in Geometry Dash World and introduced into the full game in Update 2.1. It is located inside the Vault of Secrets from a door in the bottom-right corner.

How to unlock

To gain access to The Basement, the player must have unlocked the Vault of Secrets and finish The Challenge. Upon beating the level, the Keymaster will claim he has an award for the player and prompts them to access The Basement.


The basement has a dark purple background with a locked cage, an animated torch on the left, 3 locks with blue, green, and orange keyholes, and a chest at the bottom-right corner. Once the player unlocks the chest given as a reward by The Gatekeeper, a pair of green glowing eyes appears inside the locked cage, revealing a monster that was locked inside the cage by RobTop; the creature requests that the player frees them in exchange for a reward.

Unlocking the Locks

After the creature introduces itself, clicking one of the locks will make the creature give a hint on how to get the key.

  • The green key is part of a reward of the first golden chest inside the Treasure Room, which is unlocked once 50 Chests are opened.
  • The orange key is gained once the player opens the chest inside the Chamber of Time.
  • The blue key is received as a reward once the player beats the "Chaos Gauntlet" inside the Gauntlets.

Releasing the Creature

After the creature has been released, The Creature will say:
  • I... I am free...
    • So many years lost. Locked away in that filthy cage...
    • Now that I have my freedom, I must continue where I left off.

[The Mouth and body of the Creature appears]

  • RubRub told me he was cooking some chicken. Then he locked me in.
    • Now that you have freed me, I can continue my master plan.
    • DESTROY the world of Geometry Dash! And I couldn't have done it without you [username].
    • But I almost forgot, I left you a small gift. As a token of my appreciation.
    • You should prepare yourself for when I return.
    • You will need it...

[The screen flashes, and the Creature is replaced with a chest. The Keymaster then says:]

  • Hey I heard some noi...
    • Wait... Is the gate...
    • ... You opened the gate...

...along with his face becoming more and more freaked out and exaggerated as he speaks.

After, there is a chest after you unlock all 3 keys, which includes a new icon, a new death effect, and a purple key. The Purple Key is used to Unlock the Demon Gauntlet, a set of 5 Demon Difficulty Levels. If you beat these demons, you will get a new spider that resembles a skull.

Locked Vault Of Secrets Quotes

Before the Vault Of Secrets is unlocked, the padlock will be gray. Selecting it will return a notification from The Keymaster.
  • I guess you don't like rules...
  • RubRub told me not to let anyone in.
  • This is not the door you are looking for.
  • I don't understand why you keep clicking...
  • Trust me, you don't want to come in here.
  • You are not ready...
  • I can't let you in.
  • Player used knock. It's not very effective.
  • Don't you have something better to do?
  • That is a bad idea...
  • ...

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